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Shi Lin uphold the enterprising Shi Lin culture, not rigidly adhere to the existing rubber equipment industry products and services in the form of constant innovation in the work, and actively expand new areas of business, open up new ideas for modern industrial solutions, the new Technology, new products, new services, leading the new trend of modern industry, innovative and unique way to fully optimize the industrial efficiency and production quality.
Shilin profound insight into the social development of modern industrial demand: high-quality industrial efficiency and quality product quality. All Shilin and Shi Lin partners are sincere attitude, in research and development, procurement, production, logistics, services, and so every detail in the heart, to play the full potential and creativity, to meet customer needs, to achieve Customer-centric innovation.
Shi Lin not only fully understands the production needs of tire manufacturers, but also deeply considers the comprehensive impact on the market. Shi Lin, actively expand business areas related to rubber equipment, for each product, service, after-sales maintenance to conduct a comprehensive integration, tailor systematic solution for tire manufacturers, create a more convenient working environment and a more effective working time.
Shilin will adhere to the consistent sense of social responsibility, creativity, manufacturing, services, logistics, recycling and other aspects of adherence to the practice of green ideas, and actively lead the partners, partners and all walks of life together to assume the protection and care of the environment for the community Long-term development to lay a good foundation.
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Shi Lin's vision and mission is committed to becoming the industry leading, the manufacturer preferred the first competitive high-performance industrial production solutions service providers. Shilin through the establishment of a single win-win self-management model, internal, to create a closed-loop dynamic network organization, external, to build an open platform, a global rubber equipment industry leader, the whole process user experience driven virtual reality network Fusion leader.
What are we doing?
"Shilin Road" is the innovation of the Road, its connotation is: to create a first-class talent generation mechanism and platform, which continue to create value for customers, and then form a single win-win culture at the same time, Shi Lin to "no Success of the enterprise, only the era of business "concept, is committed to building the Everlasting century enterprise, a business can go far, depending on the enterprise's own values, which is the strategic landing, to resist the temptation of the cornerstone.
who are we?
Shi Lin Machinery Venture in 1998, 1998 named tire equipment machinery factory, grew up in the era of reform and opening up the wave. 2008 officially changed its name to Shilin Machinery Co., Ltd., 19 years, Shi Lin has always been to create a higher business value as the goal, all the way business innovation, through technological innovation, diversified development strategy, international strategy three stages of development, 2012 Into the fourth stage of development - global brand strategy stage, Shi Lin machinery has now developed into the world's largest export brand.
Entrepreneurial innovation of the two pioneering spirit is
Shilin culture unchanged gene

Shi Lin unchanged concept gene is not only the guidance of the individual development concept of staff, but also the constraints of employee values. Require employees to have two personal spirit. Entrepreneurial spirit that entrepreneurial spirit, Shilin encourage each employee should have the entrepreneurial spirit, from being run into self-management, can not become possible, become their own CEO; the essence of innovation is to create the value of differentiation The The creation of differentiated value comes from the creation of new user resources. The core of the two pioneers is the emphasis on locking the first competitive goal. Goals adhere to the same, but to achieve the goal should be an open vision, effective integration, the use of all resources. The same time as the above-

People a single win-win concept of interest is the protection of sustainable management
Shi Lin is all stakeholders of the Shilin, mainly including employees, users, shareholders. Network era, Shi Lin and sub-suppliers, partners together to form a network of organizations, the formation of a community of interests, win-win sharing to create value. Only all stakeholders continue to win and win, Shi Lin is possible to achieve sustainable development. To achieve this goal, Shi Lin continue to business model innovation, and gradually form and improve the people with Shi Lin characteristics of a single win-win model, "people" that has a spirit of the two employees; "single" that the value of each employee Are in different self-employed to create value for the user, in order to achieve their own value, corporate values and shareholder values are naturally reflected.
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